Lost Love

The darkness
closes in,
the deafening silence—
too much to bear. 

A fleeting moment
between two lovers,
a connection—
now gone.

When it hurts
so much
you can’t
feel a thing.


A New Song


Your words, they hide
a burning intensity
of bittersweet happiness.
So gracious, so light;
the sounds of a gentle brook
quietly broken inside.

You grace the pages,
tattered and torn.
Its yellowed edges, a tale of time.
Once empty pages of a story
of a lifetime before you.

You make my heart sing
A beautiful tune.


People Change

She turned over. In the stillness of the night, the moon cast a luminescent glow on his face. His eyes closed, he looked so calm and serene, nothing close to the display she’d witnessed earlier.

He breathed softly, his chest rising and falling with each breath, deep in slumber, unaware of the world around him.

Quietly she lay, thoughts running through her mind. Things she would never say.

"What happened to us?" she thought, images of blossoms on the wind floating through her mind. How she missed the way they used to be: passionately in love, happy.

He was right, that old man at that Italian restaurant. People do change.


Bare Before You

I come before You Lord
Broken and wounded
Bare before You
Offering all I have
My still small heart
Beating for You

You held me close
Covered me with Your love
Your gentle peace
Washes over me
Washing all my pain
Healing my broken heart
My broken heart
Laid bare before You now


The Real Me

I still see you when I close my eyes
Tears slipping gently down my face
The pain to get through another day
Without you by my side

You left without warning
Without one last goodbye
And one by one, I lost the people I loved the most
Yet I still hold my head up high
Smiling for the world to see
I am strong

But when night falls
The darkness consumes me
Succumbing to my weakness
I let my heart take over
My still broken heart
I am hurting, I am broken
This is the real me.



With the remaining strength she had, she cried her last tears of pain.

I’m so sorry..

She forced her eyes shut, tears leaving a trail of red down the side of her face. Letting out an anguished cry, she fell to the ground in a fetal position, pain searing though her heart.

Life or death. Would you sacrifice your life for the one you love?

Fighting hard against it, she felt her will slowly slipping away. The pain of losing loved ones, one after another; was too much to bear.

You can turn it off.

No! she cried, her nails digging deep into the palm of her hands, her face pale; drained of blood.

Why torture yourself? Just turn it off.

Through her tears, she watched as the clouds parted, covering the last bit of moonlight shining down on her. She had fought long enough. Too much blood and tears had been shed. It was time.

Forgive me.

She opened her eyes. Nightfall has arrived.


In the Distance

Passing fields of green, flowers swaying in the evening breeze. In the distance, everything glazes over, a blurry visual of memories etched in the heart. Each passing day; a day closer to beautiful skies of hope. Of faith. Of love.


Anonymous said: i love your words

Thank you for your encouragement, it is very much appreciated indeed. :)


Anonymous said: you are wonderful

thank you very much. you are too kind. :)


Open your heart to hurt, to heal, to love.

Torn, she laughed as she cried, tears falling freely from her eyes. Leaves floated gently around her, images of red and orange enveloping her as the last of autumn fell.

Yesterday does not define you, I can break the chains that bind you.

She felt her heart breaking, the pain intensifying. She had a choice. To numb herself and shut out all that pain. Or to feel. To hurt. To love.

You are my child. You’re my chosen. You are love, you are loved. I will restore all that was broken. You are love, you are loved.

Orange lights danced before her, memories of how happy they once were; swirling in with her mixed emotions as she wept tears of pain and joy. Hope for a better tomorrow.

I have a dream for you. It’s better than where you’ve been, it’s bigger than your imagination.

To love is to open your heart to hurt.

Just like the seasons change, winter into spring, you’re bringing new life to your family tree now.

She smiled through the tears. Her choice was made.

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